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S.S.C. dispatcher, F.O.S.

Social Service Crew (S.S.C.) consists of the P.S.C. (Public Service Crew); M.P.S. (Marhawa Public School); and Idol Survival. Their mission is to provide basic services to the public. The organization was not mentioned in any games, but includes various occupations found within Capcom's Resident Evil universe. RezE_Klub has created the S.S.C. for our show, "RezE_Town Adventures." Stay in touch with the members of this organization for monthly fan activities! If you're interested in joining any of the teams, please speak with Director Suzuki; she will direct you to the leader of one of the following teams after initial screening.


Bartender: Marcella Arabella Muller {wikia link}

Maid: Gwenavere Winona Chambers {wikia link}

Waitress: Beverly Harriet Warren

Chef: Reynard Jakobo Fisher {wikia link}

Mechanic: David Brian King

Subway Conductor: Jim Malcolm Chapman

P.S.C. specializes in public services.


Principal: Gracia Faith Delenikas

Teacher: Amelia Janine Hunnigan {wikia link}

Lunch Lady: Ruby Charity Wilkins {wikia link}

Counselor: Alisa Kimberly Lin {wikia link}

Secretary: Nguyen Thi Kwan {wikia link}

Nurse: Regan Samantha Mallet

M.P.S. specializes in child and adolescent education.

Idol Survival

Model: Kylie Terra Airhart {wikia link}

Model: Yuki Naomi Mayu {wikia link}

Model: Loraine Kara Bierce {wikia link}

Model: Julie Vidia Vladimir {wikia link}

Model: Marilou Serabi Mabou {wikia link}

Model: Millie Autumn Burnside {wikia link}

Idol Survival are used for multiple entertainment outlets; from dancing events to clothing models, and all the way to contests.

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