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Kathy Lynn Burton R.T.P.D dispatcher, F.O.S.

The RezE_Town Police Department (R.T.P.D.) consists of the Police; S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service); and SWAT. Their mission is to protect the public and enforce laws. The organizations within R.T.P. were mentioned in Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Darkside Chronicles, Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 3, and Outbreak. RezE_Klub has adopted these groups as our custom R.T.P. in our show, "RezE_Town Adventures." Stay in touch with the members of this organization for monthly fan activities! If you're interested in joining any of the teams, please speak with Director Burton (see F.O.S. directory); she will direct you to the leader of one of the following teams after initial screening.


Chief Inspector: Kevin Lance Ryman

Inspector: Fred Troy Ferguson {wikia link}

Warden: Mark Jeffrey Wilkins {wikia link}

Surveillance: Elza Susan Walker

Pilot: Polly Aileen Burton {wikia link}

Medic: Cindy Elaine Lennox

Patrol: Lucy Tabitha Mallet {wikia link}

Commissioner: Brian Rick Irons {wikia link}

R.P.D. specializes in law enforcement and public safety.


Chief: Davie Brodie Trapp {wikia link}

Marksman: Stevie Eduardo Lopez {wikia link}

Pointman: Johnathan Matias Andrews {wikia link}

Rear-Security: Karen Gabriella Driver {wikia link}

Omniman: Rosalina Amelia Cardenas {wikia link}

Communications Expert: Lida Lindsey Willis {wikia link}

Pilot: Raquel Nancy Fields {wikia link}

Medic: Laura Chasity Hamilton {wikia link}

S.T.A.R.S. specializes in handling dangerous situations and difficult/dangerous investigations.


Lieutenant: Marvin Gavin Branagh {wikia link}

Infiltrator: Luis Diego Sera {wikia link}

Pilot: Mike Ronald Dooley {wikia link}

Demolition: Greg Dalton Glenn {wikia link}

Technician: Rita Sarah Mallet

Medic: Katie Wendy Chambers {wikia link}

SWAT is sent to areas that need extreme attention and police tactics, such as quarantines and hostage situations, or drug busts.

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