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RezE_Klub is a role-play group with characters and story content based upon the Resident Evil video games/CGI films, Final Fantasy games/CGI films, Devil May Cry games, and an adult-form of Poke'mon characters, combined together into one all-out show "RezE_Town Adventures" on the RezE_Klub channel. The show was designed to tell our version of their stories, additionally how they all came together. Tune in for action, adventure, horror, and comedy!

RezE_Klub operates on YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart, Vine, Pinterest, and this wikia. This wikia was designed to introduce our characters as they appear in the show.

We have also opened up a music video series following the debut of each character, called Music Journeys! More shows and features on the way! Check back for updates, and follow us on the platforms listed above.

Active on Google+? We have opened our fan community "RezE_Town" to the public! Join this community to interact with us and fellow fans of these awesome productions.

All base-story credit and characters belongs to Capcom, Square Enix, and Game Freak!

About Us

Check out our videos posted both here and on our Google+ page; if you're looking for a specific show, check the Collections tab! Also please like and subscribe on YouTube!

Our character staff can be identified on Google+ with the moderator promotion and the (RK) tag following their names. As characters are added, the list will grow! We also have a Directory page with our characters listed here on the RezE_Klub Wikia, at the top of this page!

Want to join RezE_Klub? Send a private message to Red Queen or White Queen on Google+ by following the links below:

Red Queen=

White Queen=

We have a list of existing characters that we would like to have in our show, as well as kids that our characters would like to have! There's plenty to read, see, and do. Join RezE_Klub today!

Content Groups

RezE_Klub is divided into 4 sub-groups:

Resident Evil- The RK Series

Final Fantasy- The RK Series

Devil May Cry- The RK Series

Pokémon- The RK Series

Our Shows

RezE_Town Adventures

Music Journeys


RK Tales

RK Idol

Where To Find Us

RezE_Klub on Google+

RezE_Klub on YouTube

RezE_Klub on Instagram

RezE_Klub on Twitter

RezE_Klub on Tumblr

RezE_Klub on Deviantart

RezE_Klub on FaceBook

RezE_Klub on Pinterest

RezE_Klub on Vine


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Capcom character imags: Sherry Birkin, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield

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