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Red Queen

Trailer RezE Town Adventures-2

Trailer RezE Town Adventures-2

  DISCLAIMER: This is a fan interpretation of Red Queen from Resident Evil (video games). RezE_Klub adopted this character for entertainment purposes as one of the managers (along with her sister, White Queen). Red Queen is responsible for generating the 3D animations in RezE_Town Adventures and works with her sister to complete each episode and season of the main show. All base-story credit goes to Capcom/Square Enix/Game Freak!  


Birthdate/Creation Date: January 3rd, 1991

Origin: Computer Security Management Program

Height: unavailable

Weight: unavailable

Hair Color: Red generated image

Eye Color: Gold generated image

Weapon: unavailable

Favorite Color: Red  


Red Queen, like her sister White Queen, does not have emotions. She is a computer program created by the Umbrella Corporation to maintain security over their organization and the information associated. She appears calm when interacting, regardless of the situation. When security is breached, Red Queen is known to be more strict.


Spouse: none

Children: none

Siblings: White Queen

Parents: none

Uncles/Aunts: none

Grandparents: none  

RezE_Town Adventures

  No appearances yet  


  Red Queen (RK)

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