Piers Nivans

Piers Nivans in "Through blood and dirt and bone" Music Journey-2

Piers Nivans in "Through blood and dirt and bone" Music Journey-2

  DISCLAIMER: This is a fan interpretation of Piers Nivans from Resident Evil (video games). RezE_Klub adopted this character for entertainment purposes with some modifications to the name (such as middle names or generated names for no-name characters), spousal shipping, children, story and between-story events, and vitality (if deceased in-game). All base-story credit goes to Capcom/Square Enix/Game Freak!  


Birthdate: March 7th, 1987

Origin: German American

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 168 lbs

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Grey

Weapon: Sniper Rifle- Antimaterial

Favorite Color: Bronze  


Piers is serious, tempered at times, but loyal to the cause he fights for. His sense to take charge of rough situations makes him appear bossy to those around him. He has high expectations of himself, which causes him to expect more from others. His temper spikes when provoked, or when people (especially Leon) can't fulfill his expectations of them.


Spouse: Claire Redfield

Children: Pandora Nivans, Paige Nivans, Caleb Nivans, and Isabelle Nivans

Siblings: none

Parents: deceased Isaac and Patricia Nivans

Uncles/Aunts: none

Grandparents: none  

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  Piers Nivans (RK)

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