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Alyssa Nicole Ashcroft N.G.O. dispatcher, F.O.S.

Non-Government Organization (N.G.O.) consists of TerraSave and S.R.T. (Special Response Team). Their mission is to assist the combating organizations with rescue agents and back up calling. The organization was mentioned in Resident Evil Degeneration, Resident Evil 4, Damnation, Resident Evil Revelations 2, and Resident Evil 6. RezE_Klub has adopted the N.G.O. into our show, "RezE_Town Adventures." Stay in touch with the members of this organization for monthly fan activities! If you're interested in joining any of the teams, please speak with Director Ashcroft (see F.O.S. directory); she will direct you to the leader of one of the following teams after initial screening.


Lead Agent: Claire Elizabeth Redfield

Field Agent: Gina Pamela Foley

Field Agent: Moira Ciara Burton {wikia link}

Field Agent: Inéz Evita Diaco {wikia link}

Field Agent: Eddie Steven Thompson {wikia link}

Field Agent: Takeru Falkner Tominaga {wikia link}

Field Agent: Rani Pria Chawla {wikia link}

Medic: Sharma Canari Chawla

TerraSave specializes in rescue missions.


Lead Agent: Steve Travis Burnside {wikia link}

Infiltrator: Lott Fredrick Klein {wikia link}

Pilot: Gabe Alejandro Chavez {wikia link}

Demolition: Lily Felina Klein {wikia link}

Surveillance: Pedro Emanuel Chavez {wikia link}

Medic: Katrina Scarlet Kennedy {wikia link}

S.R.T. is sent out ahead of TerraSave when situations are extremely dangerous, or as back-up during field operations.

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