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Bridgette Vanessa Gionne G.P.C. dispatcher, F.O.S.


The Global Pharmaceutical Consortium (G.P.C.) consists of Tricell, WilPharma, and the F.B.C. (Federal Bioterrorism Commission). Their mission is to research viruses and diseases, and create cures and vaccines for even the most severe infections. The organization was mentioned in Resident Evil Degeneration, Resident Evil Revelations 1, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil Revelations 2. RezE_Klub has adopted the G.P.C. into our show, "RezE_Town Adventures." Stay in touch with the members of this organization for monthly fan activities! If you're interested in joining any of the teams, please speak with Director Gionne(see F.O.S. directory); she will direct you to the leader of one of the following teams after initial screening.


Executive: Excella Opaline Gionne {wikia link}

Viral Chemist: Curtis Tyler Miller {wikia link}

Researcher: Ricardo Garett Irving {wikia link}

Field Agent: Raymond Arnold Vester

Field Agent: Jessica Marie Sherawat

Pilot: Cassaundra Kaylie Miller {wikia link}

Surveillance: Derek Clifford Simmons {wikia link}

Secretary: Linda Avery Wilkins

Tricell specializes in superior viral research and production.


Executive: Frederic Henry Downing {wikia link}

Viral Chemist: Alexia Veronica Ashford

Lab Assistant: Nina Erica Birkin {wikia link}

Researcher: Lisa Madison Trevor {wikia link}

Surveillance: Svetlana Natalya Belikova

Pilot: Alfred Alexander Ashford

Commissioner: Morgan Simon Lansdale {wikia link}

Secretary: Dorothy Eleanor Lester {wikia link}

WilPharma is responsible for making vaccines to the viruses on the market.


Executive: Neil Evan Fisher {wikia link}

Field Science: Monica Avery Campbell {wikia link}

Field Agent: Rachael Penny Foley

Demolition: Buddy Sasha Kozachenko {wikia link}

Pilot: Jared Dustin Albachakov {wikia link}

Medic: Anna Irene Albachakov {wikia link}

The F.B.C. specializes in investigating viral leaks and containing hazardous threats.

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