George Hamilton (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Dr. George Chase Hamilton is the medic for the B.S.A.A.'s Charlie Team, as well as one of the four doctors operating at the RezE_Town Hospital. He was born in the United States on June 12th, 1959. George is married to Regan Samantha Mallet, and became the father of Georgia Chasity Hamilton (2003); he also adopted Regan's daughter, Lucy Tabitha Mallet. He appears in Resident Evil Outbreak. RezE_Klub has collected him as an official member, and he remains alive throughout our series, "RezE_Town Adventures." His marital status, middle name, birthday, and children were added by RezE_Klub.

RezE_Town Adventures

George has not yet appeared in the show, but stay tuned!

Music Journey

George has not yet created any music videos.


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