Finn Macauley (Resident Evil 6)

Finn Macauley in "Into the Nothing" Music Journey

Finn Macauley in "Into the Nothing" Music Journey

Finn Michael Macauley is the demolition expert for the B.S.A.A.'s Alpha Team. He was born in the United States on August 11th, 1990. Finn is married to Deborah Heather Harper, and became the father of Dakota Mikey Macauley (2014), Felicity Heaven Macauley (2015), and Sophia Rose Macauley (2016). He appears in Resident Evil 6 on Chapter Two of Chris Redfield's campaign; the game dubbed him "deceased" during an incident in Edonia in 2012, when he was infected by the C-Virus. RezE_Klub has collected him as an official member, and he remains alive throughout our series, "RezE_Town Adventures." His marital status and children were added by RezE_Klub.

RezE_Town Adventures

Finn has not yet appeared in the show, but stay tuned!

Music Journey

Finn has completed "Into the Nothing" song by Breaking Benjamin!

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