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Hannah Theresa Krauser Ex-Umbrella dispatcher, F.O.S. {wikia link}


The Ex-Umbrella Organization (referred to as the "Organization" in the games) consists of the Umbrella Team (Wesker's division); U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Squad); and the Sacred Snakes. Their mission is to put an end to the rising Umbrella Corporation, no matter how their tactics might affect the rest of the world. The organization was mentioned in Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil 4; after the "death" of Oswell E. Spencer, the Organization disappeared; However, RezE_Klub has adopted the Ex-Umbrella Organization into our show, "RezE_Town Adventures." Stay in touch with the members of this organization for monthly fan activities! If you're interested in joining any of the teams, please speak with Director Krauser; she will direct you to the leader of one of the following teams after initial screening.

Umbrella Team

Leader: Albert Vincent Wesker

Infiltrator: Ada Leixia Wong

Viral Chemist: William Eric Birkin

Lab Assistant: Annette Sharon Birkin

Surveillance: Deborah Heather Harper

Pilot: Jack Thomas Krauser

Demolition: Nemesis Tyrus Project {wikia link}

Secretary: Manuela Maria Hidalgo

Umbrella Team specializes in background missions, operating in hidden environments for specific tasks.


Leader: Karena Monique LesProux

Recon: Seijuro Aoshi Lee

Surveillance: Vladimir Randolph Bodrovski

Demolition: Hector Nicholas Hivers {wikia link}

Field Science: Christine Aieka Yamata {wikia link}

Medic: Michaela Camille Schneider

U.S.S. specializes in eliminating specific targets in large areas.

Sacred Snakes

Leader: Javier Julio Hidalgo {wikia link}

Advisor: Alexander Edward Ashford {wikia link}

Surveillance: Veronica Wynifred Ashford {wikia link}

Demolition: Hilda Alma Hidalgo {wikia link}

Pilot: Vincent Oscar Goldman {wikia}

Medic: Kate Cheyenne Boyd {wikia link}

The Sacred Snakes are responsible for abducting test subjects and selling the Ex-U viruses on the black market.

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