Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield in "You Belong With Me" Music Journey-2

Claire Redfield in "You Belong With Me" Music Journey-2

  DISCLAIMER: This is a fan interpretation of Claire Redfield from Resident Evil (video games/CGI films). RezE_Klub adopted this character for entertainment purposes with some modifications to the name (such as middle names or generated names for no-name characters), spousal shipping, children, story and between-story events, and vitality (if deceased in-game). All base-story credit goes to Capcom/Square Enix/Game Freak!  


Birthdate: May 8th, 1979

Origin: Native American/North American

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Light blue

Weapon: Shotgun

Favorite Color: Pink  


Claire is motherly, understanding, and reasonable. She never liked to fight, but was grateful she knew how to protect people. She can cool the tempers of even Chris and Piers. Claire is good at comforting others. She stands up for everyone, and will even slap a bully if necessary.


Spouse: Piers Nivans

Children: Leah Kennedy, Cecilia Wesker, Pandora Nivans, Paige Nivans, Caleb Nivans, Isabelle Nivans

Siblings: Chris Redfield

Parents: Zackary Redfield & Elizabeth Redfield

Uncles/Aunts: none

Grandparents: none  

RezE_Town Adventures

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Claire Redfield (RK)

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