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Annette Birkin (Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles)

Annette Sharon Birkin is the field scientist for the Ex-Umbrella's Umbrella Team. She was born in the United States on March 20th, 1964. Annette is married to William Eric Birkin, and became the mother of Sherry Anne Birkin (1986); her sister is Kate Cheyenne Boyd. She appears in Resident Evil 2 and Darkside Chronicles; the game dubbed her "deceased" when the mutated William attacked her. RezE_Klub has collected her as an official member, and she remains alive throughout our series, "RezE_Town Adventures." Her middle name and birthday were added by RezE_Klub.

RezE_Town Adventures

Annette has not yet appeared in the show, but stay tuned!

Music Journey

Annette has not yet created any music videos.


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