Alex Wesker (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Alex Victoria Wesker is the surveillance officer for the Umbrella Corporation's Neo-Umbrella team. She was born in England on September 02nd, 1960. Alex is married to Sergei Viktor Vladimir, and became the mother of Yusef Yuri Vladimir (2004), and Serina Anastasia Vladimir (2006); she adopted Alexa Tori Korda. She appears in Resident Evil Revelations 2; the game dubbed her "deceased" when Claire Redfield shot her with an RPG. RezE_Klub has collected her as an official member, and she remains alive throughout our series, "RezE_Town Adventures." Her marital status, middle name, birthday, and children were added by RezE_Klub.

RezE_Town Adventures

Alex has not yet appeared in the show, but stay tuned!

Music Journey

Alex has not yet created any music videos.


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