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Ada Wong

Ada Wong in "Trip the Darkness" Music Journey-2

Ada Wong in "Trip the Darkness" Music Journey-2

  DISCLAIMER: This is a fan interpretation of Ada Wong from Resident Evil (Video Games/CGI Films). RezE_Klub adopted this character for entertainment purposes with some modifications to the name (such as middle names or generated names for no-name characters), spousal shipping, children, story and between-story events, and vitality (if deceased in-game). All base-story credit goes to Capcom/Square Enix/Game Freak!  


Birthdate: January 11th, 1974

Origin: Chinese/French

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 112 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Weapon: Crossbow

Favorite Color: Red


Ada is calm, curious, and fashionable. She is an avid reader and likes to learn, as she sees knowledge as an advantage. She owes most of her formality and grace to being trained by Albert Wesker. She can be charming and flirty, and while good in nature she likes to be "the bad girl."


Spouse: Albert Wesker

Children: Vivian Wesker, Anastasia Wesker, Leela Kennedy, Alura Wesker, Vanity Krauser, Lucian Wesker

Siblings: Matilda Wong

Parents: Unnamed Chinese Father and French Mother

Uncles/Aunts: None

Grandparents: None  

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